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The Power of Procmon (Process Monitor)

  Procmon (Process Monitor) is "an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity." This accurately describes what Procmon does, but it doesn't come close to describing the power that it provides to monitor, investigate, and troubleshoot on a Windows system.  Let explore it (download from Microsoft to follow along). Activity Options Procmon had a hard time adjusting to my display resolution, but you can see here and in the screenshot at the top the Activity display options. These will enable / disable various types of activities from being displayed. Deselecting one of these options doesn't erase any existing logs, but just narrows down the output to the types of events you want to see. These include registry, file system, network, and process/thread activity.  These are helpful for narrowing focus when troubleshooting an issue, but you can still be left with thousands of entries. This is where filters come