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Creating a Professional Online Presence

While I've read tech blogs and articles for years, the idea that I should start my own and that it might provide some benefits never crossed my mind. There are thousands out there and it's not as if I expect to become famous writing one - so what's the point?  Proof An online presence that anyone can view (in addition to a resume and LinkedIn profile) shows that someone is active in their field and provides a level of transparency to their activity. This applies whether you're interviewing, sharing knowledge with colleagues, or explaining to a friend what exactly it is you do. Is a resume or LinkedIn profile sufficient for most people? Sure, it has been for me so far. As anyone who's interviewed knows - a lot of people seem fantastic on paper, but they can seem like a totally different person when you speak with them. Even in the case that someone has a great resume and a great interview, an online presence can provide easily accessible examples of work a