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Account Security - Making a Secure Password

Most common passwords 2018 Making a Secure Password If you use any of the passwords in the lists above (or anything close to them), this post is for you. Even if you think you've got a strong password I'd ask you to keep reading, as many people have the wrong idea about what makes up a strong password. It's been stated for years to use capital letters, numbers, special characters, and not your pet's name as a password. This is true for Facebook logins, company domain logins, and even bank account logins. I believe it's simply human nature -- we're given a set of requirements with the expectation that if we follow them then our password is secure. Then we create the easiest, most memorable passwords that meet those requirements and don't think twice about it believing we're all set. While not on the "top 15 most common" list, what usually results from these requirements is something like "FacebookPassword123!" or worse &qu