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Windows Security Overview

In terms of security, we've come a long way since the days of Windows XP. Even compared to your typical Windows 7 Enterprise install just a few years ago there have been huge security advancements in the industry and specifically within Windows. Here is an overview of some of those improvements, and if this series is popular enough, I may do a deep-dive on some of the individual features in the future. Secure Boot Before ransomware became the go-to malware for bad actors, one of the popular, more sophisticated pieces of malware was the rootkit. This allowed code to be run in kernel mode within Windows effectively bypassing most antivirus software installed on the system. This also meant being capable of performing almost anything on the system without issue. To mitigate this issue something was needed to verify that the bootloader run before Windows was legitimate. This is where Secure Boot fits into the Windows Security picture (though Secure Boot works with macOS and Linux comput